Evil Dead: Platz 1 der US-Kinocharts

08.04.2013 10:18 -

Das Original hat bereits Kult-Status, das Remake ist auf dem besten Wege dazu: Evil Dead hat auf Anhieb die Spitze der US-Kinocharts erobert und verwies "Die Croods" und "G.I. Joe: Die Abrechnung" auf die Plätze zwei und drei.

Nicht nur die Fans stimmt das Remake von Sam Raimis Klassiker euphorisch, auch begeisterte US-Pressestimmen bereiteten den Erfolg von Evil Dead, der am 16. Mai in Deutschland startet.

"Mia´s flesh bubbling up into a scarier version of Linda Blair´s Exorcist visage."
"EVIL DEAD delivers satisfyingly disgusting effects that serve an ever-accelerating action pace."
Hollywood Reporter

"The emphasis on dismemberment and disfigurement should make this must-see entertainment for gore hounds."
"Alvarez goes Raimi one better."

"A non-stop ride. I´m dying to see this again."
"See this movie as soon as it comes out and often. Put it on the calendar, call your friends and plan to celebrate afterwards. The experience of watching this film was one of the most viscerally thrilling experiences. I loved this film!"

"A near perfect experience. This is your Avengers, this is your Avatar, this is whatever you´ve been wanting a ´big´ horror movie to be for over a decade."
"Fun, funny, disgusting and triumphant."
"More intense than every horror movie you saw last year - combined."

"It will absolutely blow you away!"

"It had me pumping my fist and screaming for more!"

"Utterly and astoundingly awesome."
"The shot in the arm that the genre so desperately needs and is truly a must see."

"THIS is where you all want to be come April 5th."
Dread Central

"EVIL DEAD is relentless. Better than the original THE EVIL DEAD."

"Cool and creepy. One of the best horror remakes of the modern era. Exciting!"

"Brilliant new take on a horror classic, simply astonishing."
"Every bit as good as the originals."

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