Here you can find information on how to use vB Forum Tournaments and Ladders Manager.

FAQs related to ladders

What is a ladder?

Ladders enable teams/ players to sign up for a ranked table, enabling them to challenge other competitors to improve their ranking. Ladders can either go on indefinitely or can be run for a select time period (e.g. 1 month).

How do I challenge someone in the ladder?

Click on their user name and then click 'Challenge Player'. (Note: You must have already joined the ladder.)

How do I accept or reject a ladder challenge?

In the navbar, click the 'Ladders' dropdown and then click 'Ladder Challenges'.

How do I submit my ladder challenge result?

In the navbar, click the 'Ladders' dropdown and then click 'Ladder Challenges'.

Will I lose my elo rating in the ladder if I leave the ladder?

No, your elo rating, loses and wins will return if you re-join a ladder. This prevents players with a poor elo rating, leaving ladder and then re-joining immediately to improve their elo rating.

How much will my elo rating change if I challenge this player?

It depends - Elo Rating is based on both of your elo ratings at the time of the game. So if you beat someone with a higher rank than you then you will gain more than if you beat someone with a lower elo rating than you. For your reference you can use the Elo Rating Calculator.

How can I have my ladder rank and statistics in my signature?

You can create a player image here and add the image to your signature and it will automatically update showing your latest statistics.